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Take a peek and read up on this small ‘guide’ to chatting.


As with most online communities, there are certain rules both spoken and unspoken.
While the Slot Dictionary can help you understand some of the terms and expressions, this is more of a guide on behaviour and etiquette when diving into chat.

For the most part, stream chats have very few ‘hard rules’, the few they do have are things you would expect; racism or any kind of abusive behaviour is just not tolerated, nor is posting dangerous or ‘scam’ links.
It’s pretty normal for any community in the real world or online to draw a hard line in regards to these things, no one wants to be abused or tricked.

Likely you already knew and expected this, so we’ll get into some of the more nuanced or ‘soft rules’.

Think of chat like hanging out with a group of friends in the real world.

While you might struggle to be heard occasionally in a large group of people, slamming your caps lock i.e: shouting out everything you have to say, will probably get your voice heard but you’ll get a few looks too.

The idea is to be friendly and polite, just like you would anywhere else.

We can all appreciate a good joke or throwing around a little banter but like any social situation, you don’t want to be rude or cross the line from some good natured jokes being thrown back and forth into being abusive.
Sometimes it’s worth hanging back a little and watching the chat for a while so you can ‘read the room’ so to speak.

Without a more subtle way to bring it up, I’ll simply say it, begging for money is a big no no. With money being a prevalent part of gambling, many people will join the chat and try to subtly (or not so subtly) try to get money from the streamer or others in chat.

For the most part, while they think they’re being subtle about it… they’re not.

We all know what they’re doing, it’s not appreciated, do not do it.

Moving on.

A streamer usually has a lot going on at any one time, between keeping their eyes on the games they’re playing, running their streaming software and reading the chat where hundreds of people might possibly be talking directly to them, you can imagine that they might occasionally miss a message or two.

Don’t be discouraged, you’re not being snubbed or ignored, they probably just missed your message.

With this in mind and how busy things can be for the streamer, checking links would just be another task that would take up even more of their attention.
So generally posted links are checked by the moderators in chat.

Usually people like to post their own big wins, occasional near misses and sometimes something else not related to gambling. (You’d be surprised at the varied kinds of discussions that take place in chat)

In some chats you may have to ask for the permission from one of the moderators or even the streamer themselves to post a link of something you want to show.

However, many streamers work using the honour system.

You’re usually given the benefit of the doubt that whatever the link is that you’re posting in chat is something that is ‘stream friendly’, meaning that if they opened the link on stream, it’s not something that would get them in trouble for breaking their streaming platform’s terms of service.
That means, nothing with any kind of nudity, nothing messed up or things that would cause copyright issues.

If you post something like that, you’re looking at a swift ban.

The online gambling community is for the most part, pretty damn welcoming.
If you’re new, just let people know.
You’d be surprised how easily you’re accepted into the group, if you don’t understand something or have questions, most people have no problem letting you know.

Most chats like to keep things pretty relaxed, you might find yourself forgetting about the slots completely and end up in the middle of a deep philosophical discussion, or you might just walk into a chat of people trying to one up each other with some classic ‘yo momma’ jokes.

You can just never tell what it’ll be, chat is different each time.

The things that always remain the same though are that most people join to talk with their favourite streamer, friends they’ve made online, to ask about how their day has been or simply to enjoy watching the gambling action, ready to see some big wins.

Pretty much everyone is welcome, so head on over to the CasinoRing’s Streamers page, click a stream and join in!

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