If you’ve registered you’ll notice that you’ve been awarded some points!

You might also have noticed that when you did something else you got yourself some more points!
That is kind of the crux of the matter, on CasinoRing, you’ll be awarded with points for almost everything.

When you post something, whether it’s an image, a post on the forums or just a regular post about what’s on your mind, it doesn’t matter, you’ll get points for it.

Points will even be awarded simply for logging in, but the more active you are on the site the more points you’ll get!

Of course there is a limit to a few things, simply typing out a one word post ten times every minute won’t have you hoarding up points just as quick as they come. No, depending on the method of acquiring your points there will be limits for the number of times it can be done per day.

This is to prevent people spamming the site simply to try farm for points.

Once you’ve collected enough points, you’ll see that your rank increases, the gaps between the lower ranks are fairly low.
If you’re active on the site for a few days you’ll probably find yourself rising up in rank in fairly short order.

Naturally the higher ranks require a lot more points.

It’s not all about rising up through the different ranks though, you see points will be able to be used on the site to win actual prizes.

The idea is that once a giveaway or competition goes live, you’ll be able to spend some of the points that you’ve collected to enter into it.

Each giveaway or competition could be different and will have its own terms and conditions. These will be easily available for you to read when one goes live, what will always remain the same though is that you’ll need to spend points to be able to enter.

You can find your current ‘CasinoRing Balance’ on your profile page.

And yes, even editing your profile and making it look cool can net you some points.

Why not give it a try and watch as your points increase as you work!