Profile Guide

This is a quick guide to the basics of your profile and how to edit it.

Much of it is pretty self explanatory and you’ve probably already figured it out for yourself, however if you’re a little lost with some of the options then hopefully this article will help.

On the top right, you have no doubt already noticed the icon that gives you a drop down menu, allowing you to select the option ‘Edit My Profile’, simply click on it and you’ll open up your profile settings.

Scrolling down to the bottom left of this new page, you will find this.

Base is simply your name, so we’ll move onto the others.

Profile Picture is the image you wish to display as your default Profile Picture when using the site. It will essentially be your on site avatar.

This is not to be mistaken for your About Me photo, which we will go over later.

Profile Cover is a banner type image that can be used to give your profile an overall better look.

This is an example of a Profile Cover, with your Profile Picture included:

Which leaves Social Networks, simply click on this and paste in any URLs of the social media you wish to show on your profile.

The ones you wish to show will be displayed on your profile page like so:

Now we will dive into the Widgets!

Above the previously used Profile Settings, you’ll see Widgets on the bar, simply click it.

And you’ll be greeted with this:

First we have About Me, this is probably the thing that most people will want to edit right away on their profile. You will see ‘Upload Photo’, ‘Title’, ‘Description’ and ‘Biography’.

This is what they look like when they are filled in on a working profile:

Next up is your Skills, simple enough, you type in your skills, select a percentage and a colour for each skill.

Or are you more like me?

It’s as flexible and varied as you want it to be, use it or don’t use it, it’s your profile!

Now onto your Portfolio, this can be used to display screenshots of your big wins, other photos of yourself, pretty much anything you like.

Simply ‘Add New Photo’ and when you’re finished adding them, you’ll end up with something a little like this on your profile:

A Slideshow is exactly what it sounds like, you are able to add 3 images that will loop as a slideshow close to the top of your profile here:

Services, a little way of showing exactly what you do.

Are you an entrepreneur?

Are you a proud parent?

You can type in a Service Title, a Service Description and then pick yourself a little icon!

Whatever you’re proud of, let us know!

If like me, you’re doing something very important, you might want to add a Project to your profile.

And it will show the world just what it is you’re doing!

You can add as much or as little to your profile as you like, you can add links, display a video at the bottom of your profile or just fill in the basics so your friends know that it’s you.

I hope this little article helped you on your way to enjoying the full range of things that a CasinoRing profile has to offer and leaves you with a profile that you’re happy with.

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