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Sometimes it can be confusing jumping head first into a new and tight-knit community, not just with fitting in, but just simple things like understanding the slang words and expressions used by everyone.

Not understanding exactly what is going on can leave you feeling left out.

So here you’ll find a little ‘Slot Dictionary’ that will explain some of the terms and expressions used by slot streamers and by the folks in chat relating to both slots and streaming in general.

Bullet(s)– Just a commonly used term to mean deposit.

ChatUser#1: “Did he have to load in another bullet?”
ChatUser#2: “Yeah, he reloaded.”

Bonus Hunt– A bonus hunt (sometimes simply called ‘a hunt’) is when you start with a set balance, for example you start with €1000.
Then you play slots as you normally would until you manage to trigger a bonus feature.
Instead of playing the bonus feature right away, you close the game and move onto a different slot.

The bonus feature you have closed is then saved and you repeat this until your balance reaches zero.

Once you’re ready to ‘open your bonuses’ you reopen the slots you closed, and the game will load up the bonuses you previously didn’t play.
All the collected bonuses are played back to back, with the ultimate goal being to win back more than your original starting balance, though they’re also just generally a lot of fun to do.
(Note: Not all providers save bonuses, like Yggdrasil slots.)

Emote – An emote is a small emoticon type image used in the chat on, there are free emotes that are available to all Twitch users. There are also exclusive custom emotes that can only be used by people who subscribe to the channel.

Parachute– Parachute is a type of bonus, a bonus that you can drop without wagering, so long as you don’t actually use it.
If for example; you deposit €100 and receive €100 extra bonus money, you are able to play with your original €100 deposit first.
If you use all of your original €100 deposit without winning, you still have an extra added €100 to play with, though because that money isn’t money that you deposited, rather it’s bonus money given to you instead, you are required to wager it and abide by the terms and conditions that you agreed to.
If however, you happen to win big before you use all of your original €100 deposit, you can simply drop the parachute bonus and cash out without having to wager bonus money that you never used.

Retrigger – When a bonus or free spins feature triggers once more, thereby giving extra spins or additional/repeated features.

Sub– A subscriber.

On a sub is a user who has paid a small amount of money to help support their favourite streamer, doing so gives them a badge next to their username and usually gives them access to custom made channel emotes.

On a sub is a user who has subscribed to the YouTube channel

RTP– Stands for ‘Return To Player’.

The RTP is the average amount that is paid back out to the player over time, the number is calculated during the testing of the game during development, over millions of spins.

Wagering– Wagering is when you hit the bonus money on whatever bonus you have chosen, you will then have to use that bonus money a certain number of times before you can cash out.

For example: If you have €100 bonus money, and the wagering is 50x, you will have to keep playing and winning until you have played €5000 on the slots (thereby using that €100 bonus money 50 times).
Once you have completed those requirements, your bonus money then becomes real money that you can cash out.
(Note: There are different types of bonuses and most have their own terms. It is always important to read up on the terms and conditions.)

X – Can mean several things depending on the context. 

In the context of wagerging (i.e: ‘this bonus has 40x wagering’) it simply indicates the number of times your bonus must be wagered.

In the context of a win (i.e: someone wins a ‘1000x’), X stands for whatever the winner’s bet size was. For example, if a player is betting on a €5 stake and they won 1000x, it means they won €5000, 1000 times their betsize.

We’ll try to keep this updated as often as possible, new terms will be added.

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